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Welcome to the bpsa web site:

Welcome to the Boscombe Pier Sea Anglers web site. The aim of the site is to provide information about Boscombe Pier, details on how to join the club and book the pier as small groups or club

On this site you can see the booking calander, contact details and any other information we are able to provide about the club and the pier we fish on.

We also operate a public forum, that everyone is welcome to join, with sections on rig making, fishing marks, catch reports and much more. Sign up today.

About BPSA

Boscombe Pier Sea Anglers was founded in September 2002 by our ex president - Keith Tarbox and Martin (now deceased). they started the club by having to canvas the pier for members and they slowly managed to get enough members together to form the club. they were successful and Boscombe pier sea anglers was born.

The club is also a member of Poole & District sea angling association to further promote sea angling on the pier's, and to help give opportunities for members of the public, and clubs associated with poole and District, to access the pier's for some night fishing.

Club Rules

With legitimate access to the pier club's rules. The rules are in place for everyones safety. the current rules are available on the forum, linked to from this page, or they can be requested from the club secretary. (email on contacts page)